About ACCM

The AC Country Music blog is simply a complete revamp and redesign of my old blog, All Things Country. I started All Things Country back in 2009 as just a random hobby of mine. It was set up to allow me to voice my opinions on all things country music. Singles, albums, and concert reviews were my favorite things to write as well as special coverage posts regarding awards shows and anything else related to country music.

Though I loved being able to write for All Things Country, I feel it’s time to create something more personal to me. AC Country Music is a new outlet for me to share my experiences with and within the country music industry. That includes various opportunities I may get to embark on, various country music related trips, and just how country music has impacted my life. Yes, you will still see occasional single and album reviews, but it isn’t going to be the main focus of the ACCM. The main idea instead is to simply allow you to follow my country music journey, and I hope y’all enjoy it!