Hey y’all! My name is Aaron Curley and I am the mastermind behind this website/blog. I would like to personally welcome you to the AC Country Music blog. The purpose of the #ACCMblog is to allow me to share my thoughts and encounters with and within the country music community with y’all.

The idea to start the ACCM blog began when I wanted to redesign my old blog, All Things Country, but I felt like simply redesigning its layout wasn’t enough. As an aspiring country music industry professional who just graduated with a Music Business Bachelor’s of Science degree,  I felt it was time to shift the focus of my blog to one that is more personal. The ATC blog was mainly set up for me to express my views on singles, albums, and concerts through reviews. Here at the ACCM, you’ll still get those on occasion, but the main purpose is to simply share my country music related experiences with y’all. Not to mention, the focus will primarily be on music and artists that enjoy, not ones that I simply feel I need to write about.

That said, I will be focusing on just how country music has impacted my life. Whether it be with a certain song, album, or artist, I want to express just how important the genre is in my life. In addition, you’ll get to embark on the many country music experiences that are ahead of me including trips revolving around the genre, concerts, and the many trips I am bound to take to Nashville before I move there. I’ll also be posting about various artists and undiscovered talent that I come across during my country music adventures.

So if you’re as big of a country music fan as I am, then I welcome you to join me on this journey! I also don’t want this to be just about me, I want to hear your stories and thoughts as well! Feel free to comment on the posts or reach out to be via social media or email! I would like the ACCM to be more of a community and less about just myself. So, what do y’all say we get this journey started?!


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